B R E W 

We didn't start out looking for a local roaster. We just wanted the best. Just five miles west we found not only the freshest and finest beans we could hope for but a business we could brag about.   

Since 2000, DOMA has roasted high quality, ethically- sourced, direct-relationship coffees. As leaders in the Fair Trade movement, they believe their business should be a positive force in both the local and global economies. These guys and gals know their coffee, their community and how to have fun. Did we mention they bike to work and grow vegetables outside their office doors?  


                            S T E E P

Southern folks really know their stuff  when it comes to tea. So it was no surprise to learn this Kentucky-based company just received the prestigous "best overall iced tea" award from the Tea Time magazine tasting team earlier this summer. One sip and we were sold. This isn't your grandmother's tea (but we bet she'll love it too.)